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Common Signs That You Need a Water Heater Replacement

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Taking a nice hot shower can be the perfect way to escape the chilly fall weather, but you won’t find this comfort if your water heater isn’t working. Sometimes, a water heater on the fritz can be fixed with a quality repair service, but other times, you’ll need a water heater replacement service to make sure your home gets the hot water it needs.

Common Signs That You Need a Water Heater Replacement

Here are a few of the most common signs that you need to replace your water heater:

  • Age– With the right maintenance and timely repairs, your water heater can last you upwards of a decade. However, if it’s been over ten years since you first installed your water heater, you may want to look into a water heater replacement. Older water heaters are more prone to issues that can’t be fixed than newer water heaters.
  • Constant Repairs– A water heater replacement isn’t always necessary if you’ve had to repair it recently, but if you’ve found yourself constantly hiring a repair service, you should probably look into replacing rather than repairing your water heater. Doing so will save you money and headaches.
  • Water Leaks– Leaks are the enemy to any homeowner wanting to avoid water damage. Leaking water can lead to so many different types of damages, so if your water heater has a leak, make sure to get it replaced as soon as possible. These leaks are typically the result of your water heater becoming too corroded to contain water. This issue often needs to be solved through replacement rather than repairs.

Don’t let an old water heater continue to prevent you from getting the hot water you need. Call us here at Trust Heat and Air today for a new water heater that will serve its purpose effectively.