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Common HVAC Repairs and How to Prevent Them

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Your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is one of the most important things in your home; can you imagine what life would be like without it? We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want to battle the cold and heat every day without an HVAC system. When you own a home, it is important to have a working knowledge of your HVAC system, common HVAC repairs, and how to prevent them.

Common HVAC Repairs and How to Prevent Them

Here are a few things you need to know about HVAC repairs:

  • Filter Replacement: One of the most common HVAC repairs is a simple filter replacement. When your system’s filters are clogged with debris, the airflow is restricted and has to work that much harder. If your system is making odd noises, not heating or cooling your home as fast as usual, or it has been more than 3 months since the last filter change, check your air filters.
  • Refrigerant Levels: Another reason for HVAC repair is low refrigerant levels. A clue that this is the issue if your system is performing poorly. While filter replacement is an HVAC repair you can do easily on your own, we recommend hiring our professionals to check and adjust refrigerant levels, as this process can be hazardous.
  • Leaky Ducts: Leaky ducts also require HVAC repairs. Inspect your ductwork for leaks, gaps, or loose connections regularly. If there is a leak, you will potentially notice uneven heating or cooling. Fixing leaky ducts can also save you money as it ensures that your HVAC system is running efficiently.